Chartered Professional Accountants

Chartered Professional Accountants


Beyond What Numbers Have to Offer

Raffan Sherdel & Associates is a boutique accounting firm in the Beaches, here to help with all your tax, accounting and bookkeeping needs. Now, transformation is just a tap away with our experienced team in Toronto Beaches! Serving the community and beyond for over 20 years.

Whether you need someone to help you go over the numbers or need help deciphering key insights on core business elements, let Raffan Sherdel & Associates help you.

We focus on more than just numbers to generate insights that help you comply and thrive. From the sophisticated reader to the client who needs information on the most basic terms, we are sensitive to who you are and what your needs may be.




Helping You Explore
The Unexplored

The right accountant in Toronto can help you make short work of even the most complicated financial decisions. We specialize in almost every major industry and adopt a more thorough approach to accounting and taxation.

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Our range of services include:

Accounting Services

Tax Services

Consulting Services

Tax Tools, Tips & Templates

Maintaining records in an organized and timely manner helps you meet your accounting, reporting and tax obligations more easily and efficiently.

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